May 25th, 2017

East & West Learning Club (

Minutes by Benson

May 25th, 2017

Participants: Dennis, Nancy, Selena, Yang, Benson, Eric, Fiona

Participants started off by doing one minute presentations. Dennis talked about a person he met in a tennis court that was practicing against the wall even though he is already good. When Dennis asked him why is he still practicing when he is already so good. The person said, “Mountain beyond mountains, heaven beyond heavens”. Well, in Chinese, not English. Nancy talked about how she learned the proper way to treat the fish and their babies. Since apparently the fish likes to eat its own babies. Selena talked about the party she went to, in her friend’s house on Friday night. Yang talked about the translation job that she’s currently doing and how the job is taking much longer to do than she would’ve expected. Benson talked about the Assistant Instructor course that he took during the three-day long weekend. Eric told about how he has lots of summative to do right now because it is almost the end of the school year. Fiona talked about the talent show that her school is going to host next week and that she is playing in the band.

Participants then read the etiquette book pg.12-14. It wrote about greetings and handshaking. You should greet people you know whenever you meet them. You should always be mindful and different religion has different ways of greetings. When you have gloves on, you should take it off when handshaking. If it is hard to take off, then you should just simply not shake their hands. It also talked about a few other things to know when you are greeting/handshaking other people.

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