We cordially invite you to join the East And West Learning Club as a member!

We are a non-profit cultural group based in Toronto.  We bring learning
opportunities for the public to learn both eastern and western cultures, and
facilitate in-depth dialogues among people of different heritages.  Please
visit our home page to check out our vision, mission and event details.

In addition, we provide special programs and extra benefits to our members.

1. Members have full access to all club activities and announcements.  For
some costly workshops, members will get discounted rates.

2. Throughout the year, we will organize fun events from time to time for
members only, such as online group chats, public speech practices, cultural
field trips, nature walks, campings, and so on – you are more than welcome
to contribute ideas to add to the list!

3. Members will have an opportunity to participate in a training provided by
a professional communication skill coach that is open to club members only.

4. We engage members with both conventional and innovative volunteering
opportunities to help people in need, and make a difference to a variety of

5. Once you become a member, your families, including parents, partner and
children will be automatically entitled to all membership benefits.

For the year October 29, 2020 through October 28, 2021, there are two ways you can become a member of our club on an annual basis:

1. All volunteer guest speakers and lecturers whom we have invited since
2016 are entitled to the membership.  We will contact you for your
confirmation on interest and updated membership information.

2. Be a club volunteer, and agree to contribute 12 hours or more per year to
help the Club or people in need through our volunteering programs.

Please click open either of below links to submit your application.

  • If you wish to become an EAWLC Club Volunteer, please submit your application here.
  • If you wish to become an EAWLC Community Volunteer, please submit your application here.

For more details please visit our Volunteering Service Hub page.

For questions, please contact us at

All members must agree to follow these rules:

1. Treat all other members with respect and friendliness, regardless of
their cultural backgrounds or socio-economic  status.

2. Follow the purpose of the Club, and keep it as a non-political,
non-religious, but purely cultural and not-for-profit organization

We hope you will be an active participant, and give a hand to the growth of
the Club when possible.

If you are as curious as us about both eastern and western civilizations,
and wish to make friends with like-minded people, just join us.
Professionals or home-makers,  adults or young students, everybody is