EAWLC Zoom Learning for Curious People: The Fitness Remedy

Shaoxuan Zhou (Joe), a professional architect and urban designer, came to our club in July of this year, giving a wonderful lecture on the appreciation of architectural designs.  Other than an architect, ‘Coach Joe’ is also a known nickname among his friends: they often go to Joe for fitness advice, some finding it life-changing.  It all started from a casual enrollment in a community gym in Beijing in 2005.  At the time Joe had been bothered by stomach ulcer and insomnia for years.  He even stopped his indie architecture design practice, spending most of the time on all kinds of sports in a hope to get his health back on the track, but had progressed very little.  To his great surprise, Joe saw remarkable improvement in all of his symptoms within one month after he started the workout, and felt like overhauled after three months.  Ever since then, Joe’s  fascination with fitness training has driven him to educate himself on kinesiology, and become an personal trainer for himself, families and friends, in addition to a happy, healthy and successful architect again.  Exercises, if done in a right way, is bound to bring life-changing benefits to your health, according to Joe, as he has witnessed himself!

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EAWLC Zoom Learning for curious People: Let’s Talk about Money

Ivy Tan is a successful financial advisor.  Her excellent number sense came
to light when she worked at OTIS China as its CFO’s secretary, then an
English Literature major just graduated from university.  She decided to
sharpen that talent so she went to the United Kingdom, and obtained her
Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Finance from Oxford
Brookes University.  She became a capital manager, in charge of a cash flow
of 36 billion volume in RMB (around 4.5 billion in USD) for a Chinese
company. In 2012, Ivy immigrated to Canada with her family, and started a
new career.  She founded Phoenix Finance, a Toronto-based life insurance and
investment agency.  She is a MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) member, and
her company has been  one of the top  agents of Canada Life since 2017
nationwide.  Ivy loves reading in her spare time, and has  a passion for
doing research in the fields of finance and economics.
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