My Reflection on Canada Day: An Immigrant’s Perspective / 2021年加拿大日随感

My Reflection on Canada Day: An Immigrant’s Perspective

Author: Yang Wang

English Translator: Jovial Si

July 2021


July 1st of 2021 marks the 154th anniversary of Canada. However, it was not celebrated with the joy and pride that were characteristic of this day in the past. The whole nation was disgraced by the heart-wrenching findings of the remains of more than 1,000 Indigenous children  in unmarked graves across the country since May.

This land had been home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years until it was taken by European settlers. Then from 1831 to 1996, Indigenous children were forcibly taken from their parents to attend government-sponsored residential schools, run by Catholic Churches, for the purpose of cultural assimilation. In the schools’ textbooks, Indigenous peoples were called “savages”. Many of the children were sexually abused or mistreated, and many died either at school or while escaping from school. Each and every little white bone in the unmarked graves at former residential sites marks the dark history not-so-distant from now, and the cultural arrogance and barbarity of the European settlers who committed it. Continue reading “My Reflection on Canada Day: An Immigrant’s Perspective / 2021年加拿大日随感”

EAWLC Policy Information Sessions

East and West Learning Connections (EAWLC) has developed and adopted a series of general policies to serve as an expression of  its core values as a new, federally-regulated Not-for-Profit Corporation. Grounded in Canadian values of fairness, openness, and respect for human rights and equality, these general policies are meant to guide the behaviour of all those who gather under the umbrella of the EAWLC, to foster an environment of trust and mutual respect, and to celebrate diversity.

During the summer of 2021, the East a Continue reading “EAWLC Policy Information Sessions”

Readings and Podcasts for EAWLC Western Classics Book Club 2021

Instructor: Professor Emma Gorst

Time and venue: The second Wednesday evening at EAWLC Zoom room

For details, latest schedule, and Zoom link, please visit: Reading for Culture with Emma: Monthly Reading Group @East and West Learning Connections 

Please come back to check this page often as we will update the reading materials and podcasts as it goes.


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East&West Dialogue with Psychiatrist and Youth Panelists

Before we take a summer break, the East and West Learning Connections will have a panel discussion on Youth Mental Health among an experienced psychiatrist and a group of young people with their unique perspectives, ideas, stories, and experiences on June 24, 2021!

As a youth, have you experienced uncertain and risky moments of vulnerability at school or in life? 

Do you crave for belonging at school?

Do you want to keep away from constant anxiety in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as job prospects are uncertain?

Come and listen to what young people like yourself speak about self-identity, self-worth, and self-awareness. Get inspiration from their experience, share your own, and walk away with some advice from a caring psychiatrist, and youth mental health educator Who helps you explore Who You Are!

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EAWLC Lecture on Tibetan / Han Family Life & Cultures

A poet, journalist, editor, and comparative religion scholar, Chime came to the East and West Learning Connections in 2018 and 2019, giving two lectures, respectively, one on Tibetan culture, the other on how to appreciate Chinese modern poetry.  His poems have won many awards across China, Canada and the US, including the second place award in the Flushing Poetry Festival in New York City, 2018.  Before he came to Canada, he was a senior journalist at Xinhua News Agency in China, known for his series reports of Tibetan antelopes in the Hoh Xil region to advocate for the protection of the endangered species.  In Toronto, he first worked as the editor of a Buddhist magazine.  He is now the founder of the Lakeside (Hu Pan) Academy of Canada, teaching Chinese language and literature, and organizing poetry workshops and salons for the public.

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