May 31th, 2017

East and West Learning Club

Minutes by Aaron

May 31th, 2017

Participants: Dennis, Nancy, Selena, Aaron, Banson, Eric, Fiona

The first person to present their one minutes was Dennis and he talked about last year’s mother’s day and a  mother’s day video.And Eric said he watched that video before. The next person to present was Eric, he said things about rising population. And then Aaron was the next person to present, and said about his EQAO on last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the ice-cream sundae for the grade sixes for doing EQAO. Then it was Banson’s turn to present, he said for some time the network system at his house isn’t working and about his exams. After Banson it was Nancy’s turn, she said about she went to a ping pong ball place and twisted her ankle. And then it’s Fiona’s turn, she talked about camping and stuff. Selina talked about medical system in Toronto thru her own experience in a lab where was quiet just one year ago

The pages we read were pages 19, 20, and 21. These three pages taught us how to introduce ourselves when meeting new people such as starting off with a smile and being on time with meetings.

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