EAWLC Personal Communication In Canada Workshop Excerpt by Eleanor James

The following is an excerpt from a workshop entitled Personal Communication in Canada for the East and West Learning Club held on October 29, 2019. Written

and presented by Eleanor James, to focus on personal communication – what we say to each other and how we say it – within a Canadian cultural context.

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EAWLC Lecture on Fashion

Brenda Tang immigrated to Toronto in the year 2009 from China.  She graduated from Seneca College with a financial planning diploma, and is working at CIBC at present.  Growing up in a family who runs a garment business, Brenda has shown a passion and taste for fashion since young age.  Once a fashion consultant in Toronto, Brenda loves to help people select the best choice of clothing for different occasions, making recommendations           on outfits, individual pieces, styles, colour palettes and fabrics.  She writes articles and did interviews for a local Chinese radio station to promote knowledge of trends and fashion principles in the Chinese community. Continue reading “EAWLC Lecture on Fashion”

EAWLC Club Meeting Hosted By Jerome Chan on November 17, 2019

Host Biography

Jerome Chan is a public educator of 11 years in the York Region District School Board (YRDSB). His current roles include: science and chemistry teacher, coach, and teacher-supervisor of school club CAP whose mission is to increase awareness and raise funds for children of developing countries. . He believes that it is equally important for students to learn both inside and outside the classroom. In his spare time, Jerome is a volunteer tennis and volleyball coach for different groups.  As a active member in the communities, he values personal relationships and building capacity within these communities.

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EAWLC Lecture: Living In Israel – A Chinese Scholar’s Observation

Born in Sichuan, China, Mr. Qinghong Huang is a scientist, a scholar, and a poet.  He did his Ph.D research in flooding simulation at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Before that he worked for Sichuan University as a professor, and for Chinese Academy of Sciences as a scientist in hydrology and water resources.  Qinghong now lives in Toronto with his family, and has become the editor of several poetry magazines.

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