May 10th, 2017

East and West Learning Club\

Minutes by Eric

May 10th, 2017

Participants: Dennis, Selena, Yang, Aaron, Eric

Participants started off by doing one minute presentations. Dennis talked about his friend’s daughter only drinks Coke and juice, and very rarely drinks water. Now she has significant teeth problems. Eric talked about he will go to an investment bank company called Barclays. He will go there to do a mock interview and learn basics of networking. Selena talked about her daughter goes to a church to play the violin, and she likes it. Aaron talked about he and Eric went to a church on May 6th. They played fun games like dodgeball and ate pizza. Yang mentioned her allergy of this season.  According to a CBC radio in-house doctor and contrary to people’s belief, having honey does not help much with allergies because honey is made from flower pollen, while many people are allergic to pollen from trees and weeds.

Participants then read the etiquette book pg.9-12. It wrote about greetings and handshaking. You should greet people you know whenever you meet them. You should always be mindful. For formal greeting you should add the person’s name or last name after “hello” or “good morning”. You have to stand when you are greeting with someone to show your respect except when you have disabilities or there isn’t space. When handshaking you should grip firmly, and only shake two to three times.

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