The East&West Dialogue with TV Industry Veterans

Everybody is welcome to the East&West Dialogue!  We organize this monthly special event to bring local people and immigrants together.  Our guest speakers volunteer their time and expertise to help immigrants learn about Canadian society, people and customs in depth.  This month, come to join Jeramy Burke and Harry Teng, two TV industry veterans.  Listen to what they have to say about their daily routines at work, the challenges and fun stories, and their insight into multiculturalism as well as social expectations.  Share your own experience, and ask questions!

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The East and West Learning Club June 2019 Schedule

We will have a short month in June as our TDSB permit to use the school facilities for 2018-19 school year will end on June 13.  We will come back in mid September.  So take the advantage, come to join us in this cultural corner of Scarborough to improve your publicv speech and social skills, learn cultural knowledge, and have dialogues with local people!

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