Living with Cultural Barriers: A Speech, a Poem and the EAWLC / 我的文化差异体验

By Yang Wang

I was invited to give a speech at Don Heights Unitarian Congregation on October 15, 2023 to introduce East and West Learning Connections (the EAWLC).  I shared my personal stories and observations of cultural difference, barriers for first generation immigrants, problems the immigrant  community face to realize the two-way diversity process, and what the EAWLC had been doing to help address those concerns.  Thanks to the engaging audience, their frank and thoughtful questions, plus interesting stories made my wish for a meaningful conversation come true!

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EAWLC Member Salon Minutes

At east and West Learning Connections, we have been holding an online salon for registered members once a month since July 2022. Members and their families are welcome to take the opportunity to meet each other on Zoom, share recent experience, encounters, thoughts, and hear a guest speaker’s stories. Continue reading “EAWLC Member Salon Minutes”

5 Poets Breaking Into Song (Tenth)

Former national poet laureate George Elliott Clarke, the Canadian Music Centre, the League of Canadian Poets, and the East and West Learning Connections will bring you another feast of poetry and music!  It is the 10th edition of Clarke’s “5 Poets Breaking Into Song” series that presents the beautiful creations of renowned Canadian poets and award-winning composers and singers.


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