Notes for Lunch Coaching Hour for Business Communication, 2024

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Small Talk and Everyday English

April 25, 2024

This month’s topic is Small Talk and Everyday English. Ric shared why small talk is helpful in building connections and trust in both business and non-business settings. He also provided useful templates for how to initiate a small talk, as well as strategies for asking questions.

Key takeaways for small talk (click to expand)

At every opportunity, try your new small talk skills with clerks, sales staff,
and bank tellers, and anyone that is paid to talk to you! Get good at it so it’s there when you need it for dates, networking, interviews, client meetings and any other time you need to strike up a conversation or keep one going with a new colleague, friend or even a stranger. By practicing all the time, you are much more comfortable when the important meeting, interview or date comes around. Practice really helps a lot here. Pay attention to their words, voice and body language. Pay attention to YOUR words, voice and body language as well!
– Coach Ric

You can find this session’s presentation here: Small Talk and Everyday English

Small Talk Helpers – Starting Phrases PDF, Word Doc

Best Strategies for Newcomers

March 28, 2024

We kicked off the series this year with a wonderful presentation about Ric’s own journey of connecting with different cultures and stories of people he coached from diverse backgrounds such as Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and China. He believes these six strategies will help newcomers to Canada adapt and thrive in a new culture.

Best strategies for newcomers (click to expand)

1. Be curious, do research, ask questions. Be proactive, not passive.
2. Connect with ‘tribes’ (country, profession, non-profit etc.) to understand and integrate faster.
3. Be open to other cultures and customs, and share your own.
4. English: survival, practical/everyday, academic, business. Idioms, slang and cultural references are everywhere, including in your industry. Don’t live in a bubble.
5. Get help when needed. Hire someone, make a strategic friend, join a group.
6. Be friendly, professional, easy-going and approachable, brave and determined. Take charge of your life

  • Coach Ric

You can find this session’s presentation here: Best Strategies for Newcomers

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