Notes for Lunch Coaching Hour for Business Communication, 2024

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Small Talk and Everyday English

April 25, 2024

This month’s topic is Small Talk and Everyday English. Ric shared why small talk is helpful in building connections and trust in both business and non-business settings. He also provided useful templates for how to initiate a small talk, as well as strategies for asking questions.

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EAWLC Member Salon Minutes

At East and West Learning Connections, we have been holding an online salon for registered members once a month since July 2022. Members and their families are welcome to take the opportunity to meet each other on Zoom, share recent experience, encounters, thoughts, and hear a guest speaker’s stories. Continue reading “EAWLC Member Salon Minutes”

EAWLC Dialogue with Ed Shiller: Adventures of a Journalist and Social Justice Advocate

East and West Learning Connections is very much delighted to bring to our audience this interesting  conversation with a retired American journalist, author, publisher, and adventurous social justice advocate since young!

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EAWLC Outstanding Service Award Winners

East and West Learning Connections (EAWLC) is run by volunteers.  Without their talents, commitment, and hard work,  all the programs we have offered to the public just cannot possibly come into reality.  Every year at our Annual General Meeting, our Board chooses a number of winners to receive the EAWLC Outstanding Service Awards based on time commitment, task impact, and organization involvement in the previous year.  The award does not apply to board directors, advisors, or guest speakers, even though they are also volunteers to whom we are deeply grateful for their help.  Each year there will be friends generously donating some cool items so we can give the winners as a gift.  The winners are the representatives of all EAWLC volunteers who all come to help us with a giving heart for the community.  Thank you so much, members, volunteers, and donors, for your great support and contributions! 

2024 EAWLC Outstanding Service Award winners

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