EAWLC Lunch Coaching Hour for Business Communication, 2024

EAWLC Lunch Coaching Hour for Business Communication 2024

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to announce the return of the renowned communication trainer, Ric Phillips, for workplace culture and business communication coaching.  Register here!

  • Time: Every fourth Thursday @12-1 P.M. (Eastern Time)  from March to November, excluding July and August

In this year’s series, coach Ric will explain cultural and psychological rationale behind Western business practices, essential for gaining trust and credibility to thrive in Canadian business culture. He is also particularly effective when breaking down real-life challenges. In this year’s seven sessions, he will cover a range of topics in everyday business scenarios, from small talks, to making great impression with management, and from public speaking to presentation skills. For those of you who are also looking to advance your careers, he will also share expert advice on how to build a team and improve leadership skills.

Session 1: Best Strategies for New Comers (Note)

Session 2: Small Talk and Everyday English (Note)

Session 3: Let’s Talk about Performance Reviews (Note)

Session 4: Negotiation at Work (Register)

Ric Phillips

Coach Profile

Ric Phillips is an executive communication coach and corporate trainer who helps many communicate simply, clearly, and confidently. With a background in Sociology, Psychology, Coaching, and NLP, he is a 3V Communications™ coach and trainer, university instructor, executive director of the NCCA (Nat’l Communication Coaching Assoc. of Canada) and a Senior Staff Member and Instructor with YEDI (York Entrepreneurship Development Institute.

Ranked #10 Communication Professional in the world by Global Gurus 2024, Ric specializes in Leadership Development, Business Consulting, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Team Building, Executive Coaching, and Corporate Training.

He is a frequent conference speaker, and TEDx speaker on the topic of the “Long Life of First Impressions.” He has taught business communication skills at University of Toronto, Brock University, Schulich Executive Education Centre and York University, and in many countries outside of Canada such as China, Russia, Israel, Japan and the United States.

  • Free online English event, translation transcripts of different languages available
  • Professionals or business owners, parents or students, everyone is welcome! For inquiries, please send an email to: info@eawlc.org.

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