We are a group of Asian Torontonians who want to improve our communication skills, and explore both Eastern and Western cultures.

We hold weekly book club meetings, facilitate dialogues among people from different cultural backgrounds, and organize special events for members to socialize.

What we do at our regular meetings:

  • 1 minute presentation: talk about anything you want to share

A great chance to interact with friends and practicing your public speaking skills !

  • Read a book on etiquette/communication skills

Know how to become a good-mannered lady or gentleman, and liked by other people !

  • Learn about civilizations of Eastern or Western root

Absorb nutritions from all civilizations.  Be proud of who you are!

It is a free, not-for-profit, grass-root club made by ourselves, and for ourselves.


Professionals or students, individuals or families, everyone is welcome to join us.  Together, let’s learn, grow, and enjoy ourselves!


Contact us for inquiries and schedules