EAWLC Workshop: Personal Communication in Canada

Get the Answers to Your Questions about Life in Canada

Practical and Helpful and Usable

From a professional communication coach!

  • The Western culture of asking questions – It’s expected.
  • A good way of choosing words — The way you ask affects the answer you get.
  • Can you be outspoken? Really say what you think? Yes, it’s about the words.
  • Easy tips to manage anger in a difficult situation, finesse for almost any situation.
  • Ways to conduct yourself and relax. You know more than you think.
  • People and relationships – formal and casual and the link between them.
  • How Canadians see themselves, Canadian values, and the culture.
  • Question and answer period – All questions are worthwhile. Please come with any questions  you have, but have never asked. Think about the things you’ve always wondered about and put it in a question. Why do…? How do I …?

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