East and West Learning Connections (previously the East and West Learning Club) is a federally registered not-for-profit organization based in Toronto.

We help people of different heritages break cultural barriers and get connected. We do it through our learning, communicating, mentoring and volunteering programs.


We strive to bring free or low cost  access to high quality classes, workshops and lectures for the public, in the fields of humanities, arts, science, technologies and business.  We believe in life-long time learning and generalist education are the keys to fulfillment  and future success.  Moreover, people with knowledge of different cultures are more likely to be open-minded, adaptable and self-confident.


We promote dialogues an social events for people of different heritages to share life stories, experience, exchange thoughts and concerns.  We believe in-depth communication at individual levels is the key to break cultural barriers, stereotypes, and prejudice.  Let’s learn from each other, and see how much we share in common as a human being.  We would become more tolerant of difference, and learn how to communicate in an acceptable, effective way with one another.  Be inclusive.  Be included!


We will offer BeFriending and mentoring programs to youth.  We cherish the power of role models and friendships to young people, and is working on providing a safe platform to nurture the mentorships.


Do something to make a difference to your community. Give a hand when people are in need. Volunteering not only makes the world around us better, but also broadens our vision and helps us grow as an integral part of the society.

Click here to apply to be a volunteer with us to contribute your time and talents, and help us serve the community!

Professionals or home-makers, adults or young students, together, let’s make learning and connections happen!

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