EAWLC Lecture: The Talent and Charm of Wei-Jin Female Literati /

This lecture will be conducted in Mandarin.  For English introduction, please scroll down to the abstract in English.




多倫多時間: 2023年11月3日週五晚上8-9:30

香港時間: 2023年11月4日上午8-9:30




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East&West Dialogue | Umbilical cords: Canadian Ties to Two Bengals

In our East&West Dialogues, guest speakers of different heritages volunteer their time and expertise to share life experiences, thoughts, and concerns with audience, and have a dialogue with them.

In this session, through poetry and conversation, Ayesha Chatterjee and Laboni Islam, two Bengali- Canadian writers will explore their roots in West Bengal (in modern-day India) and East Bengal (modern-day Bangladesh).  Continue reading “East&West Dialogue | Umbilical cords: Canadian Ties to Two Bengals”

EAWLC Lunch Hour for Business Etiquette Coaching: Executive Presence

This Fall, we proudly bring the renowned communication skills trainer Ric Phillips to our audience for workplace culture and business etiquette coaching!


Ranked #13 Communication Professional in the World by Global Gurus 2022, Ric specializes in Leadership Development, Business Consulting, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Team Building, Executive Coaching, and Corporate Training.  He will come to the East and West Learning Connections to gladly share his expertise, and answer audience’s questions.


In this session, Ric will talk about executive presence, the manners illustrating the ability to be an assertive, inspiring and engaging leader.  Please come with questions to get the most out of Ric!  He is also open to all other questions on communication skills, either interpersonal or at the corporate level, that you have had when dealing with work, school or day-to-day life.


Free online English event, translation transcripts of different languages available


Time: Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at 12 – 1 P.M. (Eastern Time)


Zoom registration link:



  • We encourage you to frame your questions beforehand in a concise manner with necessary details but without disclosing personal information to make the most out of the coaching hour. You are also welcome to send your questions to us atinfo@eawlc.org, and we can ask Ric on your behalf while not disclosing your identity. Depending on the time, questions may or may not be taken at the meeting.


Coach Profile


Ric Phillips is an executive communication coach and corporate trainer who helps anyone communicate simply, clearly and confidently. With a background in Sociology, Psychology, Coaching and NLP, he is the creator of 3V Communications™, a company that uses a holistic system to synchronize and sharpen interpersonal and professional communication skills. Ric is the Executive Director of the NCCA (Nat’l Communication Coaching Assoc. of Canada) and a Senior Staff Member and Instructor with YEDI (York Entrepreneurship Development Institute). He is a part-time teacher at York University and just completed his MBA.


He has taught business communication skills seminars locally at Seneca College, University of Toronto, Brock University, Schulich Executive Education Centre and York University, and outside of Canada in China, Russia, Israel, France, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and the United States. He is a frequent conference speaker, and TEDx speaker on the topic of the “Long Life of First Impressions.”


Ric is an author expert in communications, public speaking techniques, and body language analysis, frequently called upon by the media to provide pundit opinions and advice on businesspeople, politicians, and celebrities.

More about Ric can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/communicationcoach

Twitter: @CommCoach

Ric’s TEDx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuG-BHquAHU

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Ric-Phillips/e/B071L861J8

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@RicPhillips

Key Communication Skills for Managers Video Masterclass: https://3vcoachric.com/


Professionals or business owners, parents or students, everyone is welcome! For inquiries, please send an email to info@eawlc.org. Thanks!



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East&West Dialogue: Adoption Stories of Two Australian Families

East&West Dialogue: Adoption Stories of Two Australian Families


At our East&West Dialogues, guest speakers of different cultural background volunteer their time to share life stories, expertise, thoughts and/or concerns, and have a dialogue with the audience.

In this dialogue, two fabulous Australian moms, Mandy van den Elshout and Willa McDonald,also two distinguished career women, will share their family stories of adopting and parenting children from China, how they cope with cultural differences, and the joys, challenges and love along the ongoing journey.

Toronto Canada Time: Friday October 20, 2023 at 7:30-9 P.M. (Eastern Time)

Sydney Australia Time Saturday October 21, 2023 at 10:30 A.M. to 12 P.M.

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