EAWLC Lecture on Fashion

唐家瑞女士2009年移民来加,毕业于塞尼卡学院金融理财专业,目前任职于加拿大帝国商业银行。她的家族在服装行业经营多年,她本人自小即对服饰搭配很感兴趣,自行钻研,眼光独到。她曾在多伦多开设礼服咨询公司,用自己的专业知识和时尚美感帮助客户选衣搭配,在不同场合穿出大方得体、时尚优雅的风格和品味。她在多家电台、网媒上做过访谈及发表文章,推动华人社区对服饰搭配和个人形象的重视与美学培养。 Continue reading “EAWLC Lecture on Fashion”

What We Talked and Learned: An Incomplete Collection of Club Meeting Minutes 2018

We documented more than half of the club events held in 2018, summarizing what we learned and/or shared at the meetings.  All events were conducted in English except for the voice projection workshop and the lecture on leadership.  Some of the minutes are written in English, the others in Chinese.  Particularly, for the East&West Dialogues on October 18 and November 15, we used a thank-you letter and a follow-up mail to and from the guest speakers, respectively, as summaries because they were self-explanatory.  For a sketch of all the activities the East and West Learning Club undertook in the year 2018, please visit Our 2018: A Retrospect.

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Our 2018: A Retrospect

In the year 2018, the East and West Learning Club held 33 in-house events, including 7 East&West dialogues, 7 workshops and lectures, and 19 regular book club meetings.  We also organized a couple of field trips to the Royal Ontario museum.  The activities drew around 300 visits by professionals, business owners, home-makers as well as students.  It was a fruitful year! Continue reading “Our 2018: A Retrospect”