EAWLC Zoom Learning for Curious People Lecture 1 & 2

New! please click below links to watch Lecture One and Two video clips:

Lecture One Video / 第一讲“天文学的故事”视频 https://youtu.be/FX1q2qmfmG8
Lecture To Video / 第二讲“几何学的故事”视频 https://youtu.be/SCalXNa36aw

About the Lecturer

Yingfeng Zhang is an advocate for generalist education in science and technology for teenagers, college students and technology enthusiasts.  He founded QHOW Technology in Toronto in 2019, an educational hub that equips participants with knowledge of technology, business, and hands-on experience in product design and development.  Yingfeng holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Shandong University, China.  Before he moved to Canada three years ago, he had worked as a science and technology educator  and consultant for over a decade, training software developer employees on cutting-edge technologies and scientific ideas, and guiding university  students to develop software products, and  helping them write and publish technology books.  He is an Honourable Contributor (2015) on Zhihu, the Chinese equivalent of Quora.  He has written more than 100 answers in the fields of education, mathematics, science, and history. He has around 170K followers on Zhihu, and his articles were saved by readers for more than 400K times.  Currently, Yingfeng is writing a book on the history of Calculus  which origin and evolution dates back to ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

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On Racism: Dialogue with Derek Sloan / 关于种族主义:与德里克·斯隆的对话

On Racism: Dialogue with Derek Sloan

By Yang Wang

May 12, 2020

Like many other Chinese Canadian volunteers who have tried to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Canada, I have witnessed the ups and downs of the battle against the virus since the end of January. {1} The early intervention by the Chinese community through the implementation of self-quarantine among travellers from China has a very positive outcome.  Provincial data has shown that Canada’s early cases came mostly from travellers from the US and other hot spots like European countries, while very few were from China. {2} However, as the pandemic continues, its devastating impact has pushed people’s fears and frustrations to a new high.  Some people let out their angers onto Chinese and other Asians.  A poll shows 20% Canadians feel unsafe if sitting next to an Asian on the bus, and there has been a notable rise of racism and hate crimes against Asians across the world, including Canada. {3} It casts a shadow on my sense of security and the outlook of the future.  My big boy, who is in Grade 12 and drives now, volunteers to deliver groceries for my friends who have underline diseases, and send protective caps sewn by other volunteers to nurses.  As a mom I’m so proud of him, but I hesitate to let him go to areas like downtown Toronto, where a couple of assaults on Chinese were on the news in April alone. {4} My kids have developed a firm belief in Canadian values of tolerance and diversity.  My heart aches when I think of the very likelihood that one day when they experience discrimination, how that will break their hearts, and shatter the beloved image on their young minds of this place we call our home now.

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