EAWLC Workshop: Personal Communication in Canada

Get the Answers to Your Questions about Life in Canada

Practical and Helpful and Usable

From a professional communication coach!

  • The Western culture of asking questions – It’s expected.
  • A good way of choosing words — The way you ask affects the answer you get.
  • Can you be outspoken? Really say what you think? Yes, it’s about the words.
  • Easy tips to manage anger in a difficult situation, finesse for almost any situation.
  • Ways to conduct yourself and relax. You know more than you think.
  • People and relationships – formal and casual and the link between them.
  • How Canadians see themselves, Canadian values, and the culture.
  • Question and answer period – All questions are worthwhile. Please come with any questions  you have, but have never asked. Think about the things you’ve always wondered about and put it in a question. Why do…? How do I …?

With real examples throughout the workshop, stories showing two ways of doing the same thing and the two outcomes, Eleanor James, Founder of The James Thinkstitute, will illustrate the struggle that people (especially) in business have speaking to each other, the damage it can cause, and how simple it is to avoid.  It is not easy for life-long Canadians, let alone people from a different culture.

Eleanor used to work in several executive roles with broadcasters and spent ten years as a production executive  who helped the launch of HGTV and Food Network Canada, as well as a television series which won three Emmy Awards.  In the countless days working with talented yet not necessarily most agreeable people, Eleanor’s art of communication gained her popularity in the industry and was often admired and learned by young colleagues.  It triggered the start of her coaching career.  She is a member of the International Coaches Federation, and a member of NCCA (National Communication Coaching Association of Canada).  She is also a Designated Communication Coach/Trainer with NCCA.

We are thrilled to have Eleanor at our club to facilitate a workshop on communication skills.  Everybody is welcome!  don’t forget to take the advantage, and bring your own questions to ask the Coach!

When: Tuesday October 29, 2019 6:30-8:15 P.M. Doors open at 6:15 pm for registration and snacks; workshop starts at 6:30 sharp.

Where: Iroquois Junior Public School

265 Chartland Blvd, Scarborough (near Finch & Brimley; free parking at the west side of the school)


Members $5 per person, non-members $25 per person.  Please pay cash at the door, or by e-transfer to: robulinca@gmail.com  by October 28.

Click here (http://www.eawlc.org/membership)to see how to become a member of the East and West Learning Club for free.

Light snacks will be provided.  Please bring your own water bottle to stay healthy and environment-friendly.

Space is limited to 40 people.  First come first serve. Please RSVP as soon as possible and by October 28 at: robulinca@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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