EAWLC Lecture: Living In Israel – A Chinese Scholar’s Observation

Born in Sichuan, China, Mr. Qinghong Huang is a scientist, a scholar, and a poet.  He did his Ph.D research in flooding simulation at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Before that he worked for Sichuan University as a professor, and for Chinese Academy of Sciences as a scientist in hydrology and water resources.  Qinghong now lives in Toronto with his family, and has become the editor of several poetry magazines.

During his stay in Israel in the 1990’s, Qinghong studied the history of the country, its people, culture, and relationships with other countries, trying to understand the causes leading to the tragedies, conflicts, and achievements that Jewish people have experienced, past and present.


We are delighted that Qinghong will come to the East and West Learning Club to share his experience of living in Israel, his observation and findings.  What does the daily life and modern society there look like?  How do people see themselves and others in the world?  From many interesting details we may be able to have a glimpse of the country’s nationality, its pains and pride.


Time: Tuesday November 12, 2019 6:30-8:20 P.M.

6:30-7 P.M.  Snacks & Social

7-8:20 P.M.  The Lecture


Venue: Iroquois Junior Public School

265 Chartland Blvd., Scarborough (near Finch & Brimley; free parking at the west side of the school building)


Cost: Free cultural event.  Light snacks will be provided.  Please bring your own water bottle to stay healthy and environment-friendly.


Please RSVP as soon as possible and by the Remembrance Day 11/11) at: ericliujt@email.com.  Thanks!


We look forward to seeing you there!



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