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We cordially invite you to join the East And West Learning Club as a member! It is free, and open to everyone who loves to learn about eastern and western cultures and improve public speech and communication skills, whether you are a professional, a student or a home-maker. We are a non-profit cultural group based in Scarborough of Toronto (see for details). Our weekly meetings are conducted in English. As long as you agree to take turns with other members to host club meetings, and treat all other members with respect and friendliness, you can become a member, and enjoy a wealth of learning and communicating opportunities for free. Your beloved ones will benefit, too! Please see below for membership obligations and benefits in details. 

Membership Obligations

1. Take turns with other members to host regular club meetings (In Scarborough on Sunday evenings). When you host a meeting, usually you will

1) Set the learning materials, topics and general procedures for the meeting, and communicate with the club organizer in a timely manner so that the Club can send out announcements in time to other members and the public.

Good learning materials consist of any books (or chapters), articles, video or audio clips, and other materials that you think are beneficial to our understanding of western culture, society and customs. It would be ideal if other participants could have an access to the materials before they come to the meeting. If that’s not possible, your summary and explanation of the content and key points should be fine. Depending on time, you are also welcome to bring a topic of interest for participants to discuss over, and voice their opinions in an organized, constructive and polite way. Click here if you want to have a look at the meetings we did in the past for reference. Don’t be afraid of being different, though. We look forward to the unique perspective and style each and every member will bring to the Club!

2) Bring some light meal or snacks to the meeting if possible. The Club will pay for the cost, and other members will gladly help if you need a hand.

3) Facilitate the meeting, encouraging every participant to talk, controlling the time to ensure the discussions are on the track and everybody gets a fair share to express their thoughts.

4) Do the minutes summarizing key points of the meeting afterwards and submit to the club organizer for record. Here’s an example just for your reference.

2. Participate in club activities, and give a hand when needed, if possible.

3. Follow the purpose of the Club, and keep it as a non-political, non-religious, non-commercial but purely cultural and not-for-profit group.

Membership Benefits

1. Have full access to all club activities and announcements.

2. Members enjoy free seats (and with priority if space is limited) in most club activities including regular club meetings, lectures, the East&West Diologues, field trips to museums etc. For occasional costly workshops, members will be charged at a heavily discounted rate.

3. Once you become a member, your family members, including parents, partner and children will be automatically entitled to all membership benefits.

4. Enjoy the opportunities the Club offers to enhance your public speech and communication skills, sharpen your leadership techniques, and make friends with people from different cultural backgrounds.

5. During this school year, members will have an opportunity to participate in a training provided by a professional communication skill coach that is open to club members only.

To General Public:

The East&West Dialogues will always open to the general public for free. And you are welcome to join our regular club meetings once without making any commitment to see whether you’d like to join as a member. For lectures and workshops, non—members will pay a fee to cover some of the cost.

If you are as curious as us about both eastern and western civilizations, and wish to meet like-minded people from different cultural backgrounds and learn knowledge together, why not join us and become a member of a very bright, friendly group? Please email to request for a membership application form. We look forward to seeing you at our club meetings!



一、与其他会员轮流组织并主持例行学习聚会(Regular  Club Meetings),周日晚在Scarborough。
























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