October 4th, 2017

East and West Learning Club

Minutes by Eric

October 4th, 2017

Participants: Yang, Aaron, Eric

October 4th is  Mid-Autumn festival. Yang brought mooncakes to share with participants, they’re tasty. Participants first did the presentations. Yang talked about  her cycling trip on last thursday. They biked to Lake Ontario and back, 40 kilometers in total. But the leader of the cycling trip lost half of the team because he’s too focused on the traffic. Eric talked about the growing economy in China. There are many new companies in China that has a lot of value such as didi and xiaomi. North America and Europe are worried that China’s products will unbalance their economy. Aaron talked about the play doh slime he makes with his friends at his house. They used flour and food colouring to make the play doh. It is very sticky so they just stored it in a jar, some of them became moldy. Then, the participant read Emily Post’s Etiquette Chapter 31: the job search. It talked about  you should have a network before your job search so when you’re job searching there’s a number of people that can help you. When you’re searching online, you should still keep the conversation formal and you should be aware of your online profile in Facebook, Twitter, etc. When you find a job, it is important to write a thank you letter to everyone who have helped you, which includes your employer, job search agency, etc. Last, participants listened to an audio lesson on Chapter 1 of to the book A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. It talked about the 4 books all Chinese read and what order should you read them in.

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