June 7th, 2017

East and West Learning Club Minutes

Minutes by Eric

June 7th, 2017

Participants: Dennis, Selena, Yang, Aaron, Eric

Participants started off by doing 1 minute presentations. Yang talked about the speech projection class she went to and how she learned to project her voice. You make weird sounds to make your vocal cord relax, so you can speak louder and clearer. Selena talked about talking while driving can easily cause accidents. You should focus on driving to be safe. Eric talked about how to have a good sleep and wake up feeling energized. You should use your bed only for sleep, and you should make your room bright when you wake up. Dennis talked about how he lost his keyboard in the gym 2 times. The first time a guy gave it back to him, the second time the same guy stole it from him. Aaron talked about how his friends went to play with him in his house. They broke things but they have to fix them.

Participants then read the etiquette book pages 22-23. It wrote about you should be careful out in public: don’t be too loud, always think of others, etc. It also wrote about you need to be patient while waiting in line. Participants also reviewed the order of introducing someone, that you should introduce the not so important person to the important person first. Last, participants listened to an audio lesson on the introduction to the book A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. It talked about the author of this book, Mr. YouLan Feng.

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