Oct.25th, 2017

East and West Learning Club Minutes

Minutes by Eric

Oct.25th, 2017

Participants: Yang, Aaron, Eric

Participants did their presentation in 1 minute. Yang talked about the book club meeting she went to, and their guest speaker, which is a professional story teller. She would be invited to schools to tell stories. Aaron talked about the school trip to Ontario Science Center last Friday. There are the Mars control department and space ship, they have to work together to get to Mars. Eric talked about rising minimum wages in South Korea. The new president, Mr.Moon, is planning to raise the minimum wage of the whole South Korea by 50% by 2020. Some people support it while others don’t.

Then Yang has to leave due to a school council meeting. Aaron and Eric read Chapter 18: Telephone Manners in the book Emily Post’s Etiquette. It talked about phone manners in general, placing calls, calls in progress, and ending calls. You should always considerate the people around you when you make a call, keep the volume down if there’re people around you. You should speak clearly and distinctly, and match the tone of your voice with your talk on the phone. When you’re placing a call, you should identify yourself first and ask if it’s a good time to talk. When you’re in a call, you should focus on the person you’re speaking to and not do other things. If you really need to go, just say to the person ” I’m sorry, I really have to go now.” Make sure to use it only when it is necessary. When you leave a message, keep it brief and short. State your name and number first, and suggest a time the recipient can reach you at the end.

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