EAWLC Club Meeting Hosted By Jerome Chan on November 17, 2019

Host Biography

Jerome Chan is a public educator of 11 years in the York Region District School Board (YRDSB). His current roles include: science and chemistry teacher, coach, and teacher-supervisor of school club CAP whose mission is to increase awareness and raise funds for children of developing countries. . He believes that it is equally important for students to learn both inside and outside the classroom. In his spare time, Jerome is a volunteer tennis and volleyball coach for different groups.  As a active member in the communities, he values personal relationships and building capacity within these communities.


Round table presentation: Everybody gets 1-2 minutes to talk about something he/she would like to share, and take 3 questions from other members.

Learn new stuff: Jerome will share his experience and thoughts about education.  What problems does he often see in students that could hold back their academic and/or social skill development?  What approaches and resources are there that students can use to learn better both inside and outside the classroom?  He’d also love to take any questions.

Discussion: Current issues in education, including high expectations of students and parents, class sizes, programming…   Or any topics of interest.

Everybody will be encouraged to participate in the discussion, and voice their opinion in a clear, respectful and constructive way.  It’s not about opinions; it’s about you say it , and how you say it!

Time: Sunday November 17, 2019 6:30-8 P.M.

Venue: Scarborough, details to be adviced after RSVP

Cost: Free.  Light snacks will be provided.  Please bring your own water bottle to stay healthy and environment-friendly.

Please RSVP as soon as possible and by Saturday November 16 at: ericliujt@gmail.com.  Thanks!

Let’s practice our public speech skills, learn new knowledge with like-minded people, and have a fun time together!


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