Frank对话方柏林: 人工智能时代教育的意义/EAWLC Frank Wang’s Dialogue with Berlin Fang: The Meaning of Education in the Age of AI

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Frank对话方柏林: 人工智能时代教育的意义 




时间:2024年5月25日(周六)晚7:30-9:00 (加东时间)




方柏林博士也是一位文学翻译,译作包括 《喧哗与骚动》、《大河湾》、《布鲁克林有棵树》、《转吧,这伟大的世界》等。美国国家图书奖获得者、作家科伦·麦凯恩评价他“对于中国、美国、爱尔兰文化都涉猎深广。…能自如而优雅地穿越在各种文化之间。”




Frank Wang, 多伦多大学工程学博士,现为安省专业工程师,先后在机器人自动化、航天工程、核能工程领域担任技术职务。作为三个孩子的父亲,他非常关注教育及其发展趋势。Frank有大量阅读的习惯,正在带领东西联学社的每周共读项目,也带领着一个家长读书俱乐部,倡导通才教育、终身学习。





EAWLC Frank Wang’s Dialogue with Berlin Fang: The Meaning of Education in the Age of AI

Berlin and Frank had a dialogue on Effective Learning in the Age of Surplus at East and West Learning Connections in 2021.  Since then the world seems to spin into the Age of AI.  We are thrilled to have them back, and continue their insightful discussion on education.  Specifically, what are some of fundamental differences between public and private universities?  What should we draw from school education to enhance our life education?  In the age of AI, what roles do skills and critical thinking play, respectively, to make humans still valuable, meaningful beings?

The two guest speakers  will share their latest academic research as well as thought and action applied in their own families while watching the growing paths of their university children.  Their daughters, Faith Fang and Christina Wang, came to the EAWLC as guest speakers, too, in 2022 and shared their wonderful experience of crossing arts and sciences in education .

Everyone is welcome.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get some insight and foresight of two devoted experts and fathers who have sharing hearts!  Bring your own questions to discuss with Berlin and Frank, and make the evening even more fruitful for you…

Guest Speaker Introduction

Dr. Berlin Fang is an educational columnist, author, literary translator, and expert at instructional design.  His major interests are faculty acceptance of educational technology, the diffusion of innovation, managed change, the ethnography of technology use in higher education, and cross-cultural comparisons of education.   He has over 20 years of experience in instructional design and educational technology in both China and the United States.

Berlin contributes to numerous prominent newspapers such as Southern Weekend, Financial Times (Chinese), New York Times (Chinese), Radio Netherlands, and Caixin News.  His books include 10 Lessons in Online Teaching,  Learning in an Age of Abundance, Beyond Knowledge, More than the Passing Grade, English: Trick or Truth, A Translator’s Rant, Don’t Get Old until You’re Wiser, Tea Eggs Under the Star and Spangled Banner, and How the Pamuks Read.

As a literary translator, Berlin’s works include translations of The Sound and the Fury (by William Faulkner), Bend of the River (by V.S. Naipaul), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (by Betty Smith),  and Let the Great World Spin (by Colum McCann) and Songdogs (by Colum McCann). National Book Award winner Colum McCann considers him “one of the finest translators I have ever worked with: he is incisive, discerning, and imaginative. He is a trans-national figure, deeply involved in cultures of China, the United States, and Ireland. While working with him, I found that he crosses cultural boundaries with ease and grace. ”

Visit Berlin’s website at

Frank Wang is a professional engineer in Ontario who has worked in areas of robotics & automation, aerospace engineering, and nuclear engineering.  A Ph.D. from University of Toronto in Mechanical Engineering, and most proudly a father of three, Frank cares very much about learning, education, and their trends in this rapidly changing world.  He runs a book club for parents, and is the organizer of the EAWLC’s Social Reading Club , advocating for lifetime study and generalist education. In his spare time, he enjoys writing columns for online magazines on education, among other hobbies.

Here are a few latest articles Frank wrote in Chinese on education:



Time: Saturday May 25, 2024 at 7:30-9 P.M. (Eastern Time; Central Time 6:30-8 P.M.)

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