EAWLC Zoom Learning for Curious People: The Fitness Remedy

Shaoxuan Zhou (Joe), a professional architect and urban designer, came to our club in July of this year, giving a wonderful lecture on the appreciation of architectural designs.  Other than an architect, ‘Coach Joe’ is also a known nickname among his friends: they often go to Joe for fitness advice, some finding it life-changing.  It all started from a casual enrollment in a community gym in Beijing in 2005.  At the time Joe had been bothered by stomach ulcer and insomnia for years.  He even stopped his indie architecture design practice, spending most of the time on all kinds of sports in a hope to get his health back on the track, but had progressed very little.  To his great surprise, Joe saw remarkable improvement in all of his symptoms within one month after he started the workout, and felt like overhauled after three months.  Ever since then, Joe’s  fascination with fitness training has driven him to educate himself on kinesiology, and become an personal trainer for himself, families and friends, in addition to a happy, healthy and successful architect again.  Exercises, if done in a right way, is bound to bring life-changing benefits to your health, according to Joe, as he has witnessed himself!

We are very happy that Joe is coming to our club again, and share his sports and gym experience and expertise.  What are the principles of progression in fitness training?  At what stage a professional trainer would be extremely valuable?  What are the pros and cons of different sports and exercises?  How to avoid injuries?  How to alternate different types of workouts to maximize results?  If you are interested in these questions, and much more, you are more than welcome to join us, and have a dialogue with Joe.  If you would like to see how well organized a speaker Joe is, please click open below link where you can watch Joe’s beautiful lecture on architecture back in July:



Time: Saturday October 17, 2020 3:00-4:30 P.M. Eastern Time

Free Zoom meeting, maximum capacity 100 participants.

Language: Mandarin









时间: 2020年10月17号周六下午3:00到4:30。(加东时间)




Meeting ID: 871 346

如有问题需查询,请致电: ericliujt@gmail.com.谢谢!

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