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Ivy Tan is a successful financial advisor.  Her excellent number sense came
to light when she worked at OTIS China as its CFO’s secretary, then an
English Literature major just graduated from university.  She decided to
sharpen that talent so she went to the United Kingdom, and obtained her
Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Finance from Oxford
Brookes University.  She became a capital manager, in charge of a cash flow
of 36 billion volume in RMB (around 4.5 billion in USD) for a Chinese
company. In 2012, Ivy immigrated to Canada with her family, and started a
new career.  She founded Phoenix Finance, a Toronto-based life insurance and
investment agency.  She is a MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) member, and
her company has been  one of the top  agents of Canada Life since 2017
nationwide.  Ivy loves reading in her spare time, and has  a passion for
doing research in the fields of finance and economics.

We are very delighted that Ivy is coming to our club to share her expertise
and experience with money, or, making money.  She will show how to train
ourselves to become a master of our own finance.  She wants to prove to us
that good personal financial status results from diligence and wisdom, in
stead of cleverness or a high IQ.  Ivy may also talk about how her introvert
pers onality has worked for her career, how she would define “being rich”,
what she has learned from some very successful investors, and other
interesting topics.  You are more than welcome to join us with your own
questions or comments, and have a lively dialogue with Ivy!

FreeZoommeeting, maximumcapacity100 participants.

Language: Mandarin


Ivy Tan是一位赚钱专家。

她本是学习英美文学专业的文艺青年,第一次发现自己对数字很敏感,是大学毕业后,在OTIS中国总部当CFO秘书的时候。这促使她做出决定,去英国留学,并在Oxford Brookes University 获得会计学学士和金融学硕士学位。后来她成为资金经理,为一家中国企业管理多达360亿人民币的现金流。

2012年Ivy移民多伦多,现为Phoenix Finance 创始人,专业从事投资和保险代理业务,是“百万圆桌”会员,公司自2017年以来,每年都在Canada Life全加拿大最佳业务代理的排行榜上名列前茅。业余喜欢大量阅读,对金融市场和经济均有深入的研究。




时间: 2020年10月10号周六下午3:00到4:30。(加东时间)
Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583
如有问题需查询,请致电: ericliujt@gmail.com <mailto:ericliujt@gmail.com> .谢谢!

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