EAWLC Personal Communications Training for Members – Practical, Helpful, and Useable

The East and West Learning Club is offering this personal communication skills training to its members as promised.  Please check Membership page to see how to become a member, and you are welcome to participate if your membership application is accepted before  the workshop begins


All members will receive an email invitation to register for the online workshop via Zoom.


Time: Saturday November 21, 2020 at 8:00 – 9:30 P.M. Eastern Time


Cost: Free, and for members only

Brief Biography

Eleanor James worked in television production and several executive roles with broadcasters, spending ten years as a production executive. This included the launch of HGTV and Food Network Canada, as well as a television series which won three Emmy Awards.   Those days working with talented  people with everyone under a lot of pressure, Eleanor’s art of communication gained her popularity in the industry and was often admired and learned by young colleagues.  It triggered the start of her coaching career.  She is a member of the International Coaches Federation, and a member of NCCA (National Communication Coaching Association of Canada).  She is also a Designated Communication Coach/Trainer with NCCA.

Below are some meaningful facts of Canadian culture and characteristics, written by Eleanor for our club after last year’s workshop, together with some practical advice on how to ask questions.

EAWLC Personal Communication In Canada Workshop Excerpt by Eleanor James


Workshop Introduction by Eleanor James

“Communication is the response you get”

Personal Communications means how we speak to each other. The purpose of this workshop is to bring a clear understanding of the value of skillful personal communications at work, at home, and in the community. We’ve all been on the receiving end of harsh words from others and perhaps done it ourselves. We all know what it feels like: that it’s hurtful, harmful to relationships, and damaging to loyalty and productivity. It’s a perfect example of unskilled personal communications and it’s unnecessary. There’s a much better way and all it takes is the willingness to polish those skills. This workshop introduces how to do it.

We’ll use real examples throughout the workshop, stories showing two different ways of doing the same thing, and the two different outcomes.

  1. The Western culture of asking questions – it’s expected that if you want information, you’ll ask. But who? And how? And when? What’s appropriate? Many Westerners struggle with this too. Getting comfortable with this builds confidence.
  2. How to ask and choose words for your questions – what to do if you are unsure, the importance of practice.
  3. Small talk – the reasons it’s important, and how to do it. Ways to conduct yourself and relax. Written or spoken language, including tone and body language.
  4. People and relationships – formal and casual and the link between them. Ways to manage a difficult situation, dealing with racism, sticking up for yourself.

Open question time. What do you want to know?





Three private thirty minutes sessions for $100.00 via Zoom or phone

There are suggested topics below, or just come with the problems or questions you are having.  I’ll walk you through to find the best solution possible and to align with the cultural context and social norms here.

Session One

  • Identify your individual areas of interest, to focus our efforts.
  • Naming and expanding your strengths and areas to polish.
  • Why listening is such a powerful tool, eye contact.

Session Two

  • How words affect your tone, reveal your feelings and why it matters. How to make it serve you.
  • Navigate potentially explosive situations and avoid the landmines.
  • Side stepping anger, the biggest sinkhole.
  • Rapid recovery once damage is done.

Session Three

  • Critique – the basics of how to deliver productive critique, where to start and how to finish.
  • How to receive a critique, advice, recommendations, being told no, or goodbye.
  • Saying no, or saying goodbye with a minimum of damage.
  • How flexing this muscle builds the confidence to manage any situation.

If you would like to continue after these sessions, more information can be found on the website www.thejamesthinkstitute.ca

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