April 19th, 2017

East and West Learning Club Minutes

April 19th, 2017

Minutes by Eric

Participants: Yang, Dennis, Nancy, Aaron, Benson, Eric, Fiona

The meeting officially started at 19:15. Every person had a 1 minute limit to talk about anything they want. Nancy talked about a coffee shop she wants to rent, but it is very expensive. Yang talked about her trip to AGO and a painting that sold over 100 million dollars. Fiona talked about a movie called “Plastic China”, which showed the life of  the citizens in the lower class part of China. Dennis talked about a person that tried to lie to rent his house in Calgary, you should be honest. Aaron talked about how long he has been to Canada and his school life. Eric talked about the Model United Nations conference he is attending on Friday and MUN in general. Benson talked about how he is forgetting to write in Chinese and how he plans to improve.

After that, Participants read the table of contents and the first page of the book “Emily Post’s Etiquette”. It introduced the fundamental of manners is to respect, consideration, and honest. Respect other is as important as self-respect, you need respect to communicate with people. The meeting went well overall.

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