April 26th, 2017

East and West Learning Club Minutes

Minutes by Eric

April 26th, 2017

Participants: Dennis, Selena, Yang, Aaron, Benson, Eric

Participants started off by introducing themselves because there was a new member joining. After that, participants did a one minute presentation. Dennis talked about how he gave his daughter chopsticks as batons to let her be a conductor of the band. He was too poor to buy his daughter a real instrument. Yang talked about she went to a blind tennis class and learned how to play blind tennis. It is very challenging but with more practice you get better. Selena talked about she likes to plant flowers. She liked roses very much but she didn’t know how to plant them but she is trying. Eric talked about how he and Yang started this learning club, how it all came together and they used to host meeting at members houses. Aaron talked about his first time making chocolate mousse, and his mom tasted it. Benson talked about he was the only one in grade 9 boys that made it to badminton team. At first he didn’t like it because he didn’t know anyone, but later on he became friends with them and now he missed the badminton team.

Then participants read page 6 of Emily Post’s Etiquette, it talked about consideration, honesty, graciousness, and why etiquette matters. Courteous people will always think of others and won’t point out mistakes of other people in public. When they interact with people, they truly care about them. Etiquette matters because they keep this society running.

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