April 9th, 2017

East and West Learning Club meeting

Minutes by Eric

Time: April 9th, 2017

Attendees: Yang, Lena, Yingzi, Eric, Fiona

The first hour of book club was just the adults chatting. When Yingzi and Fiona arrived, the book club officially began. Eric talked about the international day of pink, it fights bullying and homophobia, it started in Nova Scotia, and it was a big event. Fiona talked about a STEM project in her school, how she need to use syringes to build a machine that can help people, and what she plans to do. Yingzi talked about she went to play ping pong; Lena talked about a lecture about relationships and marriage; Yang shared about her tennant gave her a necklace/bracelet.

Participants then read pages 87-89 of the book, section “Saying No: Silence As a Social Skill”. They learned that it’s not rude to reject people, you can just say “no thank you” if you don’t want to do something someone asked.  

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