Wednesday Night Dialogue Special Minutes

The following is the thank you letter that the club founder, Yang, wrote to the guest speaker, Nancy. It summarizes the Wednesday Night Dialogue event of Nov.15th.  Participants included Aaron, Ashley, Eric, Feng, Juvally, Lishan, Sharon, Wing and Yang.

Hi Nancy,

It was really nice seeing you again!  Thank you so much for taking the time to come, and facilitating a fun evening for us!  The improvs made it the most interactive, joyful event of our book club.  Your kind and caring personality was heart-felt by all the participants.  I’m sorry for the rain drops falling on us.  Hope you are not getting a cold.  We must have been crazy, a group of people standing in the evening rains to listen , to talk, to hug.  But I loved your rainy stories.  It’s such a memorable night, even though we had far less than enough time to elaborate it!  So next year when you get the time, may we have it again?

With Warmest Regards,


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