Nov.8th, 2017

East and West Learning Club Minutes

Nov.8th, 2017

Minutes by Eric

Participants: Yang, Aaron, Eric

Participants started out doing one minute presentations as usual.  Eric talked about the algorithms of social medias and how they harm people. People are only going to see the posts they’re interested in and different people gets more apart from each other, while fake news can also spread quickly. Social medias such as Facebook can change their algorithms and verify more sources to fix this problem. Aaron talked about the manga series he is currently reading. He read to the fifteenth manga of the series. It talked about a boy meeting different girls and their interactions with him. There are a lot of complicated conflicts going on. Yang talked about the summary she wrote about the last Wednesday Night’s Dialogue. She spent many hours searching the grammar because she forgot a lot of grammars.

Then participants read chapter 12: Sports and Recreation in the book Emily Post’s Etiquette. It talked about sportsmanship in general and specific etiquette in each sport. When watching a sport, do not go overwhelmingly emotional, don’t use foul language and don’t act rude. When playing a sport such as tennis, know your teammates and your opponents names so it’s easier to communicate. When playing bad, don’t get angry and have negative attitude.

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