EAWLC Poetry Series: The Introduction and Appreciation of Shih-Ching, the Classic of Poetry

About the Lecturer

George Liang loves literature, history, and philosophy.  He reads and travels a lot, and enjoys writing traditional Chinese poems.  He has given series of lectures on the Shih-Ching in his spare time.  His profession is in the financial sector. A CPA and CGA since 2006, George has worked as an investment representative at RBC, a senior financial analyst  at CIBC, the CFO at Bombay/Bowring, and currently a financial advisor at Edward Jones.

About the Lecture

The Shih-Ching (also called The Shi King, Classic of Poetry, or The Book of Songs, to name a few among its various versions of English translations), is the earliest anthology of Chinese poems. It is believed to be compiled by Confucius, who collected more than 300 folk songs, court hymns, and eulogies from around 15 kindoms dated from the 11th century B.C. to 7th century B.C. in the Zhou period.  It has a profound influence on Chinese literature, poetry, and traditions.  In the Chinese language world today, it is still often quoted by many writers, and even primary school students are using idioms originated from the book.

What makes the Shih-Ching so lively and enjoyable more than 3,000 years after its birth?  What are some of the stories behind it and between the lines?  Compared to early stage poetry of other civilizations, what characterize the Shih-Ching?  What are some of the commonalities and differences?  Are there good resources/tips to help modern population to learn the poems more easily?  George will lead us into the world of Shih-Ching, explore the answers, and appreciate its natural beauty.


Time: Friday September 4, 2020 8:00-9:30 P.M. Eastern Time

Language: Mandarin

Free online Zoom meeting.  Maximum capacity 100 participants.  Meetings will be open 15 minutes prior to the lecture time.  Please click below link to enter:

Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583

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主讲人George Liang,现任Edward Jones理财顾问,曾任Bombay/Bowring CFO,CIBC高级财务分析师,和RBC投资代理。George从2006年起就是注册会计师(CPA/CGA)。他爱好旅游,足迹遍及世界各地。亦喜欢读书,对文史哲有广泛涉猎和思考,尤其擅长古诗词,曾举办过多场关于诗经的公益讲座。





时间: 2020年9月4号周五晚上8:00到9:30。(加东时间)




Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583

如有问题需查询,请致电: ericliujt@gmail.com.谢谢!

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