East&West Dialogue with Psychiatrist and Youth Panelists

Before we take a summer break, the East and West Learning Connections will have a panel discussion on Youth Mental Health among an experienced psychiatrist and a group of young people with their unique perspectives, ideas, stories, and experiences on June 24, 2021!

As a youth, have you experienced uncertain and risky moments of vulnerability at school or in life? 

Do you crave for belonging at school?

Do you want to keep away from constant anxiety in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as job prospects are uncertain?

Come and listen to what young people like yourself speak about self-identity, self-worth, and self-awareness. Get inspiration from their experience, share your own, and walk away with some advice from a caring psychiatrist, and youth mental health educator Who helps you explore Who You Are!

Time: Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 7:30-9:00 P.M. (Eastern Time)

Language: English

Cost: Free

Zoom registration link:



Guests Biographical Sketch

Junyong Jia

  1. North China Science and Technology, School of Medicine, China

Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Neuroscience, Berlin Free University, Germany

Postdoc fellow, Mount Sanai Hospital, University of Toronto, Canada

Saint Elizabeth Hospital Psychiatry Residency, Washington DC, USA

Staff psychiatrist, Frederick Health Hospital, Maryland, USA

Member of American Psychiatric Association. Member of The Society Of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs (SCAPE)


Panelists Introduction

Rachel Chen, grade 8, Forest Hill Public School.

Aaron Liu, Grade 10, Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Selena Liu, 4th year at Queen’s University

Victoria Su, grade 8, Adrienne Clarkson public school



Greetings from hosts and a presentation by Dr. Jia       7:30- 7:50

Followed by panel discussions, questions, and answers between Dr. Jia and the panelists  7:50- 8:30

Floor open to all the audience to join the discussion, share experience and raise questions regarding youth mental health        8:30- 9:00

Young students or Grown-ups, kids or parents, everyone is welcome!

For inquiries, please send an email to: info@eawlc.org.  Thanks!

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