Minutes and Announcements: Feb. 1st, 2018

Feb. 1st, 2018

Minutes and announcements by Yang

Participants: Aaron, Edmund, Eleen, Eric, Jacky, Jeffery, Judith, Katherine, Margaret, Nancy, Skyler, Yan, Yang, Yong Zhang

6:30-7:00 PM Light dinner and social (pizza, dumplings, grapes and carrots)

7:00-8:30 PM

Everybody did a brief self-introduction, and shared one hobby of his/hers.

Then we listened to a radio lecture on Youlinyouke, introducing The Story of Philosophy: the Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers by Will Durant.

At this first meeting of 2018, we discussed what to read or do for future meetings.  Most participants found Durant’s book might be too abstract or require too much of English level.  They would prefer to reading Emily Post’s Etiquette instead.  Yang offered another lecture series on Youlinyouke that teach news from the Economist journal so we could learn about what’s happening in the world while learning English.  Judith suggested we conduct more conversations; bring some topics from which we choose one or two to discuss about.   Jackie wish we could talk about controversial topics to practice sort of debate skills.  Catherine and Margaret wished to improve their public speech skills.

Feb 8’s club meeting will be improv class and will not open to the public as the class is full already.

February 15’s meeting is open for RSVP now.  Attendee limit: 20 people.  RSVP by February 13.  We will discuss on a chapter of Emily Post’s Etiquette led by 2-3 members.  We will also have 1-minute presentation by each and every participant, and have a free discussion over some topics of interest.

Feb 22 will be our monthly special event date.  We will celebrate the Black Heritage Month with two TDSB principals.  We’ll have face-to-face dialogues with them, and get inspirations from their life stories as well as their suggestions as experienced educators, on how to succeed in school and at work socially, especially in the wake of cultural differences.  RSVP is open now.  Attendee limit: unlimited.  RSVP by February 20.

Please RSVP in time and with accuracy as much as possible to avoid inadequate or accessive food supply.  Thank you!

Special thanks

To Judith Lawrence for coming all the way from North York to join us, and contributing her perspective and ideas;

And to Nancy Chen for volunteer work helping with dinner supplies purchases and pizza pick-up;

Not to mention to Principal Pate for staying late after work to make sure we use the stove properly to cook delicious dumplings at school!

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