Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

East and West Book Club meeting

Minutes by Sophia

Time: Sunday January 22nd, 2017

Attendees: Annie, Lishan, Sharon, Yang, Ellen, Eric, Sophia, Jewvelry

Book: Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior

*At the beginning we started experimenting with a introductory game. The main focus is to act out a scenario that has been written out beforehand by one of the book club members. In doing so, we gain practice in introducing different people in all kinds of situations.*


Picked up from last meeting at pg.69 and read till pg.72.

Started with The Assisted Introduction. We learned that if you forget a person’s name, in the perfect moment that someone else joins the conversation, you can introduce the person you know and let the person that’s unknown introduce themselves. In the context that you know neither of their names, then simply let them introduce themselves.

Proceeded to The Elusive Memory. Not remembering a person’s name is normal. We shouldn’t be offended and embarrassed. We simply need to own up to it and be honest. Admit in a polite manner such as “I’m sorry I can’t recall your name.”

Name Tags. Name tags are useful gadgets to aid in the process of remembering people’s names, however they shouldn’t be used only if absolutely necessary. One should still put the effort in to remembering a person’s name without the easy glance at a name tag. In the circumstance of using a name tag, they should be pinned at the right side of the wearer. “This makes it possible for people to sneak a quick look halfway between the handshake and the face, and then pretend to have remembered the other person’s name” said Miss Manners.

Mistaken Identity. We have all come in contact with a name that we butchered over and over again. However after the small embarrassment, weren’t we glad that the person corrected us. If someone gets your name wrong, don’t wait to correct it after they have already grown a habit to it because it would be a hassle. Even if embarrassment could arise, correcting them every single time would be more beneficial in the long run.

We ended with Entitled to a Title. When introducing yourself, don’t directly state your title and/or professional position. It makes you seem like a bragger such as in this following line, ”Hi everyone, I am president _______ of East and West Book Club meeting.” To avoid the looks of mockery, simply let the people find out on their own or state your position after, such as in this following line, ”Hi everyone, I am _______. I am also the president of East and West Book Club meeting.”

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