Saturday, Nov.28th, 2016

East and West Book Club meeting

Minutes by Ellen

Time: Saturday, Nov.28th, 2016

Place: Lishan’s house

Participants: Yang, Lishan, Tracy, Ellen, Eric, Sierra

Book: Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior

Read pages 55 to 57.

Time: 2:30- 4:00

The topics were “Unrelated Children”, “Manners for Children”, and “Caring for Grown Ups.”

Unrelated children- either protect yourself from their antics, or teach them how to behave (recognize punishable offenses but leave small rudeness).

Manners for children- popularity can be earned through indifference and bullying results in nothing.

Caring for grownups- reciprocal respect and courtesy; dress accordingly to the situation and be attentive and considerate

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