Readings and Podcasts for EAWLC Western Literature Book Club 2022

Instructor: Professor Emma Gorst

Time and venue: The second Wednesday of the month in the evening at 7:30-9 P.M. on Zoom


For details, the latest schedule, and Zoom link, please visit: Reading for Culture with Emma: the Western Literature Book Club @eAWLC 2022.


Please come back to check this page often as we will keep updating the reading materials and podcasts.

The reading for May –

May 11, 2022, Richard Wagamese, Indian Horse, published by Douglas & McIntyre, 2012.

The assigned pages for the next discussion are below. Please click to download them.

Wagamese-IndianHorse (1)

The book listed on Amazon

Toronto public library pages –




April 13, 2022

Mary Karr, The Art of Memoir


Additional reading for interest –


Questions to think about as you read –


1 – What does she mean by saying we look at the world “once, in childhood / The rest is memory”? Do you remember your childhood better than your adult years; if so, why?

2 – Can you recall your memory of something having changed, during your lifetime? For example, you remember it one way but later you realize that it happened another way, and you changed your mind about what happened?

3 – Do you have disagreements with your family about how things happened? Why do those disagreements matter?

4 – When she says memory “is a pinball in a machine” what is your impression of memory – violent, mobile, volatile? Is that how memory is, in your view? Or is a memory  sometimes boring, staid, traditional, stuck?


Click the below links to read the two chapters:


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