Minutes May 10th, 2018

May 10, 2018

Minutes by Yang

Participants: Aaron, Eric, Jackie, Jaffery, Karen, Rachel, Yan, Yang, Yong

In 1-minute free speech part, Yang talked about Toronto Strong Vigil she attended on April 29.  Aaron shared his field trip to an Apple store where they made video clips.  Jackie commented on a recently popular video game.  Yan told her experience in a grocery store where she tried to help but was mistakenly thought to be the perpetrator by a store staff member.  Eric recommended an application to help people manage their time spent on computer games.  Karen described how her views of success had changed and the result from the change – helping to bring Toastmasters program to young people to help with their public speech skills.  Rachel talked about a camping trip that was quite eventful.  Yong recalled the windy day in previous week that was raely seen before in Toronto.  Jeffery talked about his colorful hair which his brother helped dye.

Then we shared points that impressed us when reading Emily Post’s Etiquette Chapter 8 Dining-out, like what to do with hand bags, napkins, dropped utencils, what is the usual practice when a group of people are led to their seats, and how to call for waiter’s attention politely, etc..  It’s a long chapter.  We’ll continue to discuss on this chapter next time.

In Voice Your Opinions part, we talked about former FBI director, James Comey’s decision to re-start Hilary email investigation weeks before the election day, and whether we would make the same decision if we were him.  We also discussed a bit about LGBT issue as a member raised the question along the way.  Different families had different opinions on the issue, but all showed respect for each other.

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