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Dawei Sun came to Canada in the year of 2000, with a computer science background.  He got involved in the field of animation design when working as a software engineer, and found himself fascinated with it.  He went to a 3year program at Seneca College, and obtained a diploma in Animation. Since then he has been working in the Animation/VFX and Game industry for over 12 years,playing different roles, such as rigging artist, character effect artist and technical director.  He is currently a senior technical director who helps build pipelines for animation and visual effects productions at Tangent Animation, a Canadian studio that created the Netflix movie “Next Gen”.  Other movies he did include “Nut Job: and “Nut Job 2” by Toonbox Entertainment, and “A Christmas Carol” by Walt Disney Pictures.  He is also a mentor for juniors who are new to the industry and the pipeline in various studios.  Dawei likes playing basketball in his spare time.  He and his wife live in Milton, with their two kids.  He enjoys accompanying them, and playing chess or Go with the 12-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy.



We are so happy that Dawei is coming to our club to show us around the world of animation!  What are the diffrences between traditional animation, computer graphics animation and stop motion animation?  How is a 3d animated movie made?  What kind of roles are there in a studio and what do they do?  How did his experience at Seneca College prepare him for his career in the animation industry?  Are there some good programs or resources he would like to recommend to listeners who might want to go to the industry as well?  How is the job market now?  How to network in the industry?  … It’s gonna be a very interesting expedition.  And you are welcome to bring your own questions — don’t forget to ask Dawei about his encounter with Hayao Miyazaki!


Time: Friday July 10, 2020 8:00-9:30 P.M. Eastern Time

Language: Mandarin

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孙大伟,2000年移民来加时,首先找到的工作是老本行软件工程师。工作中他接触到动漫设计,发现自己很感兴趣。于是他花了三年时间去Seneca  College学习动漫专业,毕业后进入动漫、视觉效果及游戏设计领域,迄今已有12年。期间在多家知名动漫设计公司担任过从人物效果设计到技术支持等多种职位。目前就职于曾出品过Netflix动漫电影Next Gen的加拿大Tangent Animation公司,任资深技术导演,负责技术管线架构的设计、开发与维护。他也在为多家设计公司的管线架构新人担任导师。在迪士尼动漫公司工作时,他参与设计过A Christmas Carol;在ToonBox工作时,则参与设计了Nut Job和Nut Job 2。大伟和妻子及两个孩子住在Milton,业余喜欢打篮球,也经常陪孩子们厦国际象棋和围棋。

我们非常高兴大伟能来学东西俱乐部做公益讲座,带我们走进动漫世界一看究竟。传统动漫、3D动漫和木偶动漫之间有什么区别?3D动画片是怎么制作出来的?动漫设计公司里有哪些工种,它们都是做什么的?在Seneca College有哪些有趣或有用的经历,对他日后的工作很有帮助?对于想进入动漫设计行业的年轻人来说,目前加拿大有哪些资源和好的学习项目?这个行业工作前景如何?工作后,如何参与行业内的社交?……我们有很多问题,期待大伟的解答。也欢迎您的提问——别忘了顺便问问他见到宫崎骏时的情景:)

时间: 2020710号周五晚上8:009:30(东时间)




Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583

如有问题需查询,请致电: ericliujt@gmail.com.谢谢!



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