EAWLC Zoom Dialogue on Technology Generalists — What, Why & How

This week we are going to have an interesting dialogue on Silicon Valley
tycoons,  and how to become or raise a technology generalist.  An engineer
and an educator , also Two thoughtful and caring fathers, will lead the
conversation. Everyone is welcome to join them, and discuss over questions
like below:

*       What is a technology generalist?  What characteristics do we usually
see in
such a person?
*       Are those characteristics innate?  Can they be cultivated?
*       What can we learn from Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates?
*       Why could these tech generalists establish themselves in their
twenties , while most entrepreneurs launched their first startups in their
middle age[1]?
*       What could be missed in our family and school education to foster
technology generalists?
*       What can we do to make up the missing part, and help ourselves
and/or our kids become a generalist?

About the Guest Speakers

Frank Wang is a professional  engineer in Ontario who has worked in areas
of robotics & automation, aerospace engineering, and nuclear engineering.
He obtained his Master’s degree in Engineering Mechanics from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto.  He runs a book club for parents who care for personal growth, and advocates for hands-on science and technology activities for youth. A
husband and a father of three kids in Toronto, Frank sees different talents
in each and every child, and accompanies them to do things to their
interest.  He himself enjoys writing poems and essays, among other hobbies.
His 16-year-old daughter, Christina Wang, is one of the lecturers at our
club this year (see http://www.eawlc.org/becoming-artistic-scientist).

Yingfeng Zhang was the guest speaker of our first and second lectures,
bringing us fascinating stories about astronomy and geometry.  He founded
QHOW Technology in Toronto, an educational institute advocating for
generalist education in science and technology.  He has a Master’s degree in
Software Engineering from Shandong University, China, and has been working as a science and technology educator  and consultant for over a decade.  He is an Honourable Contributor (2015) on Zhihu, the Chinese equivalent of Quora.  He has written more than 100 answers in the fields of education, mathematics, science, and history. Yingfeng has around 170K followers on Zhihu, and his articles were saved by readers for more than 400K times.  He lives in North York with his wife and daughter.  The very idea of starting his educational institute came from his experiment of teaching coding to his 10-year-old girl and her friends.  See
http://www.eawlc.org/eawlc-zoom-learning-story-of-astronomy-and-geometry for his previous lectures.

We can’t wait to hear the insights of the two guest speakers, and join
their conversations!  Everyone is welcome to bring his or her own thoughts
and add to the thought-provoking discussion!

Time: Friday July 17, 2020 8:00-9:30 P.M. Eastern Time

Language: Mandarin

Free online Zoom meeting.  Maximum capacity 100 participants.  Meetings
will be open 15 minutes prior to the lecture time.  Please click below link
to enter:

Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583

For inquiries, please contact: ericliujt@gmail.com
<mailto:ericliujt@gmail.com> .  Thanks!

[1] Attention, Millennials: The Average Entrepreneur Is This Old When They
Launch Their First Startup, MELANIE CURTIN, Inc.com <http://inc.com/> , MAY
17, 2018:



4. 多数人是青年就业、中年创业,但为什么科技通才是在青年时代创业 ?[1]


Frank Wang,安省专业工程师,先后在机器人自动化、航天工程、核能工程领域担任技术职务。西安交通大学工程力学硕士,多伦多大学机械工程博士。和妻子



时间: 2020年7月17号周五晚上8:00到9:30。(加东时间)
Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583
如有问题需查询,请致电: ericliujt@gmail.com <mailto:ericliujt@gmail.com> .谢谢!

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