East&West Dialogue with Tony and Jane Preston: A Western Couple Met and Lived in Asia

East&West Dialogue is our monthly program where guest speakers of different cultural backgrounds come as volunteers and share their life stories, knowledge, thoughts, and have conversations with our audience. We hope this individual-level communication will promote mutual understanding among people of different heritages, and the experiences of guest speakers can help the audience, mostly but not limited to first-generation immigrants, to live in their new country with a bit more ease and grace. For that, we truly thank our guest speakers for their time, expertise, and warm hearts for immigrants!

In this month of May, Canada’s Asian Heritage Month, we are very delighted to have Tony and Jane Preston with us to have an interesting dialogue about their living experiences in both East and West Asia. As westerners, from the UK and Canada, respectively, how did their paths come across in Asia? What was it like to live there? Did they have any cultural shocks? What are some unforgettable moments? What does “Asian heritage” mean to them? How has their time in Asia influenced their views of the world? What suggestions may they have for immigrants to live graciously in Canada and the UK?

Please join us in the dialogue with Tony and Jane, listen to their interesting stories, and get their answers to all of the above questions and more!

Free English event

Time: Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 7-8:30 P.M. (Eastern Time)

Venue: Online Zoom meeting
Please click below link to register:
Zoom meeting will open 15 minutes prior.

Guest Speaker Bios

Jane P. Preston

Jane was born in Saskatchewan. Growing up as a farmland girl, Jane earned her Master of Education (Curriculum Studies) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Education Leadership and Administration). She worked as a math and English classroom teacher in Canada, Taiwan, Egypt, and Kuwait for many years. Later she became an Associate Professor at the University of Prince Edward Island, teaching leadership, research, and theory courses to graduate students. She conducted research about educational leadership, Indigenous issues, and international students.
During her time as a teacher, professor, and researcher, some of her most valuable educational experiences happened while living overseas and meeting people, visiting novel places, and learning about cultures. She believes that life is meant to be a social experience, and it is through spending time with an other that we learn the most.
Jane has written a book entitled “Joyful Retirement: A Holistic Approach.” She has published seven book chapters, and many articles in journals, magazines, newsletters, and technical reports.

Tony Preston

Tony was born and raised in Devon, England. When he was 17, he joined the British Royal Air Force, and worked in various countries from Sweden to Hong Kong. During his time in the military, he was employed in many disciplines, from engineering to technical author. After 22 years, he retired and managed an English pub before being recruited by a multi-national company to work in Kuwait after its liberation from the Iraq invasion. From a workshop manager to the Chief Engineer & CEO of the company, Tony worked closely with Kuwaiti and other nationalities including Syrians, Egyptians, Australians, Indians, Americans, and Canadians.
During his time in Kuwait, Tony met and married Jane, and together they had their son, Zachary. Upon leaving Kuwait, the family moved to Canada. Jane returned to university, and Tony built the family home. Once the house was built, Tony became a Canadian citizen. Then he was employed by the Government of Canada, Department of National Defense as an infrastructure construction manager.
After nine years, the family moved to Prince Edward Island, where Jane was employed at the university. Now retired, Tony’s life revolves around supporting the family, gardening, and playing the stock market.

Professionals or home-builders, Parents or students, everyone is welcome to meet with Tony and Jane, and have a dialogue with the lively, fun couple!

For inquiries, please send an email to info@eawlc.org. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “East&West Dialogue with Tony and Jane Preston: A Western Couple Met and Lived in Asia”

  1. hi I am the son of these two and they are really wonderful people . They gave me a chance to live a wonderful life I am proud to be there son and follower. They helped quite a bit with my education, me being in the Navy, and my Karate. I greatly look forward to my future that they invested with in me. If somone gave me a chance to talk with regards my views on new comers coming to canada I’d love to purly as a sujestion.

    1. Wow Zachary, I bet your parents must be very proud of you, and be happy so much if they see this message! I look forward to seeing you in the dialogue, and you are more than welcome to join and share your thoughts. That’s wonderful!

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