The East&West Dialogue with Alfred Ng and Wayne Henshall

“We all wake up each day and go about our lives, interacting with others and striving to improve ourselves while supporting our families.”  Wayne Henshall is a young man (at heart!) of 48 years, who has experienced life.  He grew up in rural Ontario, went to school in Toronto, and worked for a combined 21 years with IBM and Lenovo.  There he held a variety of positions ranging from technical specialist, warehouse worker, retail store sales, trainer, business process and operations to Director and CIO/Board member.  He travelled the world in his job, experiencing cultures and adapting processes, policy, and IT Systems to meet the needs of customers in different countries, including China.  Today Wayne works for CNIB as the manager of Career Support Program.  He is also the owner of Pangaea Innovative New Thought Solutions Inc.


Alfred Ng saw his teenage neighbour practicing Chinese brush painting when he was three years old.  That was in Hong Kong.  From that moment, he fell in love with painting. Growing up in a working class family, without much encouragement from parents, he learned to paint on his own mainly to amuse himself.  In 1973 his family moved to Canada.  They stayed with his aunt and her family. Alfred’s cousins noticed he was always drawing and suggested he should attend Central Technical school because it had a great art program.  He did, and went on to Ontario College of art to further his art study.  After graduation, he had been a free lance illustrator, then a full time carpet designer for two major companies in the city until he was laid off during the recession in early 90’s. That forced him to reassess what he wanted in life. “I decided that being an artist was a gift to be embraced. I started working hard as a full time artist. There are many hard times and sacrifices but there are also many rewards on the way,” he said.


Come to listen to Alfred’s aspirations, ups and downs, and watch his art works.  Talk to Wayne, and see how he copes with workplace cultures in different countries, and what observations he may have that new immigrants could benefit from.  Tell your own experience.  Raise questions.  The East&West Dialogue organized by The East and West Learning Club is meant to be a monthly community event that boosts the mutual understanding of people from different cultural backgrounds, especially between immigrants and local residents.  Our guest speakers volunteer their time and expertise in a hope to help immigrants adapt to Canadian society gracefully and thrive.  Students or parents, professionals or home-makers, everybody is welcome!


When: Thursday April 25, 2019 6:30-8:30 P.M.

6:30-7 P.M.  Meals & social

7-8:30 P.M.  Dialogue runs


Where: Iroquois Jr. Public School

265 Chartland Blvd., Scarborough (near Finch & Brimley; free parking at the west side of the school building)


Cost: Free, including simple meals.


Language: English


Please RSVP by Wednesday April 24 at:  Thanks!


Looking forward to seeing you there!

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