Minutes: March 22nd, 2018

March 22nd, 2018

Minutes by Eric

Participants: Aaron, Charlene, Eric, Jackie, Jefferey, Michelle, Shengnan, Yan, Yang, Yong

Participants first did their one minute presentations. Aaron talked about his trip to Forest Valley, he learned and watched how maple syrup is made. Yang talked about the blind book clubs she went to, and what they did. Eric talked about the race for technology supremacy between China and America, how China is surpassing America. Michelle talked about his son and some challenges in his school life. Jacky talked about the school shootings happening in the States and he supports having guns for citizens to protect themselves. Shengnan talked about her trip to Yellowknife to see the northern lights. Yong talked about his tools were stolen and he has to buy them. Yan talked about how she has no interesting things to share and she hopes she can do something interesting.

Then participants discussed chapter 3: Common Courtesies in the book Emily Post’s Etiquette. Everyone talked about some things they didn’t know before reading the chapter and some interesting things that they are not sure about. “Being courteous means taking personal responsibility for the way our actions affect others, showing respect for the space we share and the well-being of those we share it with” is what the book describes how to be courteous. You should always observe and try to make other’s lives easier.

For some more details, please see Yang’s reading notes:

Reading notes: Emily Post’s Etiquette — Common Courtesies

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