Volunteering Service Hub

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community, and help build
a better place for everyone to live.  The East and West Learning Club
(EAWLC) facilitates volunteering opportunities for warm-hearted people like
you to do something for their communities in various ways.  

Currently we are recruiting volunteers in the following two categories.

Category I: For the Club


At the East and West Learning Club, most of our members are volunteers.
Together we make learnings and connections happen for the community, as well
as for ourselves and our families.  We need your passion, skills and time in
these areas:

* Come as a volunteer guest speaker to share your knowledge, expertise
and/or living experience in Canada

* Event research, planning, and organizing

* Writing and/or editting in Chinese and/or English for announcements and
website content

* Translating between English and Chinese, oral or written

* Website maintennance and video editting

* Volunteer coordinating

* Marketing and/or social media managing

* Fundraising

* Other: please indicate.

Category II: For the Community


We will list you(in a name you’d like to put out)  on this page so people in need can contact us to seek help.

Below is the latest list of EAWLC community volunteers.

EAWLC Community Volunteer List

If you need our volunteer’s help, please contact us at info@eawlc.org, and kindly use the subject “Request EAWLC Volunteer Service”.

For anyone who would like to contribute your passion and skills for the community– don’t hesitate to be innovative or unique — please fill out the application form as follows.

  • If you wish to become an EAWLC Club Volunteer, please submit your application here.
  • If you wish to become an EAWLC Community Volunteer, please submit your application here.

Of course, you are more than welcome to work in both categories! 

All volunteers accepted by the Club will be entitled to a club Membership on
an annual basis.

For questions, please contact us at info@eawlc.org.

Thank you very much!