EAWLC Communication Skills Walk-in Clinic

Personal communication skills coach Eleanor James will be sitting in the clinic, and welcome our audience to ask questions they have when dealing with co-workers or bosses at work, peers or teachers in school, or neighbours, acquaintances, or even strangers on the street. Things like how to make small talk, how to approach people, asking questions, dealing with difficult people, or diffusing situations, and being generous. 

Eleanor will share her expertise, experience, and perspective to help especially immigrants make their own decisions based on a good understanding of the culture, social norms, and customs here, plus maybe some little witty words or doings to ease the situation!


Time: Last Thursday evening of the month from 8-9 p.m. (Eastern Time)

For Fall 2021, it’s September 30, October 28, and November 25.

Cost: Free

Language: English

Venue: online Zoom meeting.  Please click below link to register for each session.



Facilitator Bio


After university for a degree in Literature, Eleanor James worked in television production including a series that won three Emmy Awards. That was followed by several executive roles with broadcasters, including ten years spent as a production executive, helping to launch  HGTV and Food Network Canada  In the countless days working with talented yet not necessarily the most agreeable people, Eleanor’s practical know-how with inter-personal communication gained her popularity in the industry and was often admired and studied by young colleagues.  It triggered the start of her coaching career.  She is certified by  The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and the National Communication Coaching Association of Canada (NCCA).  She is also a Designated Communication Coach/Trainer with NCCA, and a member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF).


Message from Eleanor:


Inter-personal communication means how we speak to each other. We’ve all been spoken to with harsh words from others, and perhaps done it ourselves. We all know what it feels like: that it’s hurtful, harmful to relationships, and damaging to loyalty and productivity. It’s a perfect example of unskilled inter-personal communication and it’s unnecessary and bad for business. The importance is to bring clear understanding of the value of skillful personal communications, at work, at home, and in the community. There’s a better way and all it takes is the willingness to polish the skills. “Becoming skillful with your interpersonal communications makes life easier. I’m not kidding about that.”


Professionals or home-makers, grown-ups, or young students, if you have a personal communication question or problem to tackle, this will be a good place to seek advice.  We encourage you to frame your questions beforehand in a concise manner with necessary details but without disclosing personal information, and bring them to the clinic to make the most out of the consultation time.  Please note we will not do any recordings.  However, the clinic is open to the public, and all participants will get to listen to the questions and answers. 

You are also welcome to send your questions to us at info@eawlc.org, and we can ask Eleanor on your behalf while not disclosing your identity.  Depending on the time, questions may or may not be taken at the clinic.


For inquiries, please send email to: info@eawlc.org



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EAWLC  交流技巧免预约问诊







个人交流技巧教练Eleanor James将在东西联学社的聊天室里,现场回答听众提问,帮助我们在深入了解本地文化、社会风俗和规则的基础上,佐以少许机智幽默的配方,找到适合自己的应答话语、交流方式。




大学本科为文学专业,毕业后从事电视剧制作,包括一部获三项艾米奖的电视连续剧。之后在多家广播公司任执行职务,10年电视节目制作执行官,帮助成立HGTV和Food Network Canada。在与许多才华横溢但未必懂得如何与人相处的人合作的过程中,Eleanor积累了许多人际交流沟通的实践经验,为她在业界获得良好口碑,并成为年青同事见贤思齐的榜样。这也成为她的人际交流技巧教练的职业生涯的起点。




Eleanor James的话:













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