EAWLC Sci-Fi Pot Luck Evening / 秋日科幻阅读聚餐会:科技与人性的交织

Party Room, 30 Greenfield Ave, North York Party Room, 30 Greenfield Ave, North York, toronto, Canada

东西联学社热情邀请您参加秋日科幻阅读聚餐会!在金黄的落叶与寒风渐起之际,与志同道合的朋友们一同探索几本引人入胜的科幻小说。这个秋天,让我们一同踏上科技与人性交织的思考之旅,追寻秋夜星空下的无限可能! 自助聚餐+线上线下读书分享 EAWLC Sci-Fi Pot Luck Evening: The Intersection of Technology and Humanity   EAST AND WEST LEARNING CONNECTIONS warmly invites you to the Sci-Fi Book Sharing and Gathering! In … Continue reading "EAWLC Sci-Fi Pot Luck Evening / 秋日科幻阅读聚餐会:科技与人性的交织"

Reading for Culture with Emma 2023: The Articles & Questions

Free online https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEtcOqupj0pHtY_Zp_rH8rruxsJbsMiqWem

This Fall, Professor Emma Gorst will lead us to read articles from recent magazines, newspapers or creditable online resources, and facilitate discussions on social and/or cultural topics of interest.  

Changes without notice.  Please visit our Calendar often for latest updates.

For inquiries, please email us at info@eawlc.org.  Thanks!